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Dear writer,

Of course he probably is shocked that his big plans fell apart. But it's very important that you leave his side of it with him. You already feel bad yourself. He may have already been thinking that way before your academic failure. He seems way too quick to throw you away.

I suggest that you send him a note and ask for forgiveness for failing, then try to let go of it. One thing we do not need in life is a partner that cannot allow for human mistakes and weaknesses. We all have plenty. Send your apology, but get busy making your own plans for yourself. Do what you need to do for your self.

Life is messy at best and things do not always go as planned no matter how hard we try.
We can only do our side of the relationship. We cannot control what the other person chooses. Send the note, then leave him alone, and you will find out what kind of partner he really is....or isn't.

Forgiveness and acceptance is a choice we have to make. He has to choose or not choose to give acceptance on his own.

If he chooses not, that is on him, not on you. You deserve better than that.

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