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Hi so i need advice . First time on here well my boyfriend of almost 2 years cheated on me in a way by messaging my 15 yr old cousin and hes 19 . He flirted with her but she didnít she sent me screenshots she was debating on telling me bc she knew i would be sad and i was this happened 2 weeks ago i found out last week i called him and told him that i knew he was cheating and to admit and he lied and he didnít basically as if i was just accusing him we talked and later that day he admitted to calling her cute and that he did text her mind you he texted her from a different number but certain things made her think it was and the way he texted her i knew right away it was him . He called her cutie and that they should hang out and to keep it lowkey i asked if he was ever going to tell me and he said no but the fact that he would always accuse me of cheating when he actually cheated and would still come to my house gets me angry . At the moment we got back together He said he regrets it and that it will never happen again but if it does then Iíll just look dumb

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