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Is it me? Am I the one causing issues? I have a log I keep, but I will summarize it here, since I need help.

1. Before getting married, my husband called my daughter a "K*" and a "B". this should have been my first clue. Not to get married.
2. My step-children (ages 27 and 24) work for my husband's business.
3. I support the business financially and with all my spare time to help with the computer POS, inventory, advertising and trade shows.
4. I have used my entire savings and my daughter's education fund (medical school funds) to pay into the business and fix up the home we live in. (BTW: i sold my beautiful home to help my husband pay his previous marital debt and fix up the house and support the business)
5. A few years ago, I caught my step-daughter stealing money from the business. I have no idea how much or for how long, but I know it's a lot.
6. My stop-son does the absolute minimum, including doing things which lack integrity which raises eyebrows with our clients.
7. My step-son called me racist's names and the B* word, which really hurts.
8. Of course my husband thinks his kids are great and do a "GREAT job running the business", which has made zero money in the last 5 years.
9. My husband continually calls me names since I call him out on his kid's behavior.
10. My husband talks to his ex often, and even calls me names to her.
11. My husband still has his ex on his Will.
12. Recent events are horrible too. Right before Christmas, my husband had to go to his daughter's apartment to fix her hot water heater. I drove him there, only be be left outside in the parking lot at 11PM and wait for him to come back out. He also "snuck" out to dinner with his son and son's new girlfriend without bringing me along. The reason was that "I don't like his son's girlfriends". This is a different topic.

I don't expect my husband to pick me over his kids, but I do expect him to stand up for right from wrong. I am 55. I can't imagine being called a B* when I am 85.

My kids do not say much. I expect them to be respectful to my husband, which they are...but they think I should leave the marriage. I don't want to be divorced, but I can't go on like this.

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