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[QUOTE=MSNik;5503342]Sounds like your daughter and your current husband need some counseling professionally...either she is going to apologize (she did violate his privacy and recording someone without their knowing is illegal) or this is going to continue.

It will also be a good test because if he is NOT willing to get help professionally, you know that this was a mistake and its over.. if he truly loves you, he will attend counseling and try to make this work.

Good luck....but honestly, its your daughter who needs to fix this- not you.[/QUOTE]

They are both in therapy for other things, so yeah that could be an option to get both of them together for a session. In fact, in the very beginning when we first got married, he went to a counseling session with her therapist to answer her concerns over us getting married and we were good for awhile until that incident with the phone.

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