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So I have recently ended a close relationship with my bestfriend, and now I am 100% sure I am being catfished by her and one of her "friends".

I have been talking to a girl recently. She will not meet in person. But there are some super strange links that are coming up with the person and and my old friend. She says things like "my ex was an alcoholic and a dick and I will never get that 3 years of my life back" and things like "ive been saved", which are direct links to my old friend which pretty much sums up our old relationship, plus she says the same stuff to me in person.

She is looking at buying a house, and so is this new girl ive been talking with. Everytime the new girl goes to view an open home, so does my old friend. There are many situations where I can draw links that are way to odd to all be coincidences, but yet everyone tells me im crazy and that im being paranoid.

I have decided to end my relationship with her sister, her partner and their 3yo son of whom I was extremely close to as I feel I cannot trust any of them.

What can I do in this situation? Why does someone do this and how have I created so much hate from a person who once loved me so much and gave me everything they could?

How can I actually prove that this is going on, as I have no real evidence.

I have been diagnosed with BPD, but even during our friendship I always felt as though I could not trust this girl deep down in my gut, and the same feeling for her sister and their family.

Thank you
Dump that person...asap. if you continue the contact and discussion... ask yourself why you need to do so.


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