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I'm sorry, but I cannot begin to figure why you are involved at all, except to offer moral support.
A man that really wants his kid does the legal ballgame himself.

The "evil ex" is not evil, it is her child, and this man is playing his own games. You have no idea how or if he is baiting her (or if he has in the past).
These severe conflicts are never one-sided, and did not just appear out of the blue.

I don't know why women think they can step into someone else's broken relationship and then expect the one that was left behind to just play fair and not be angry.
You may find your own horns growing if you were in this position.

If you really want to help, you might try helping your man to be more understanding of her anger, and leaving it to him to get a lawyer and get busy showing he wants his rights.
If you love the child and your boyfriend, stay out of this. You aren't even his wife.

Believe me, it will backfire in your face someday.
Kids are not affectionate to other women that are against their mothers. It really doesn't matter how much an outside party cares, the mom and dad have to come to their own solutions about their own children.
I have never seen a court favor a girlfriend or even a stepmother in a decision between parents.

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