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Don't worry about it. She might as well enjoy the shower and the fun while she can...until she finds out how hard it is to take care of a baby! That's when the party is over.

I just loved my children to pieces, but I remember how hard and time-consuming it was to take care of infants. However, I had it easy compared to most; I was an adult(didn't have to worry about school) and my husband's salary managed to carry us, so I didn't have to deal with work too. However, I did without alot of things I wanted to stay home with them and provide them with what they needed I was extremely lucky, and yet remember it was still hard at times.

Obviously, your sister will have to deal with school and work for a number of years...and the costs associated with having a child these days is staggering. Unless she comes from a rich family, she will have to do without many things after paying for her childs' needs; clothes, diapers, medical checkups, etc.

Babies are like puppies...the new wears off when they become dogs. I hope your sister will love her child as much as I did because then the sacrifices will not seem so bad. If I were you, I would never envy anyone having a baby so soon in life...although they fill you with love, they are such hard work, alot of responsibility and extremely costly.

Best to have them when you are more ready and able.

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