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I am new to this forum and I posted already about a obsessed ex boyfriend but I have a question about another man in my life.

Some time ago before I met my current crazy ex I was dating a man that was mostly a fling. I don't normally have relationships based solely on the physical nature, but at the time I was comfortable with it. I enjoyed his company and we also went on dates but he had just split up with someone, so we did not have a commitment. He showed interest in me but it bothered me that he would flirt with other girls around me. Not just flirt, but get their numbers, etc.. He was very honest and upfront and seemed to prefer to call me daily and he wasn't seeing these other girls except for a time or two. I was with him for about a month almost every day and the first couple weeks I was comfortable but I eventually started to feel bad about myself because I was not this type of person. I was jealous, yes, but not overly. I more or less just accepted that he wasn't mine nor was he going to be. I was there just to enjoy the sex. (and that by the way was worth it for awhile).

But being myself I couldn't deal with the shame I was feeling. I ended it and told him that an orgasm is not worth being with someone that I know has other partners. (we used condoms) I didn't even let him respond I just left and my cell phone was shut off a few days later.

I seen him at the store a few weeks ago and it's been over a year since that brief fling. He invited me to a halloween party and I gave him my number but I stayed at my mother's all weekend and avoided his calls. I've been trying to be strong but I have an even stronger attraction to this man. I've blow him off every day except for two dates that ended in sex. I know I'm worth more than what he has to offer but he's really a woman pleaser and I've never experienced anything like the feeling he can give me.

You see, I have problems with sex because I was raped when I was a vigin and I don't particularlly enjoy sex besides the closeness of being with someone I love.

Anyhow, I know that he's a player and he's not giving me a relationship but I'm not sure I want a relationship right now anyways. I just got out of a relationship with the crazy possesive man two months ago.

I'm really afraid and I'm not sure how to act. I don't give him too much attention and I generally blow him off and act like I don't care. I'm not sure what his opinion is of me or what he wants from me. I think if I knew that I would be ok.

But for now I brought him around my best friend and he never allows me to be disresected by a man. My best friend knows many of the same guys that this man knows and I think he may have a little more respect for me seeing me through my friend's eyes. Also I did discuss with him why I ended it last time. I told him that I wasn't comfortable with myself and the way a non commited sexual relationship was making me feel.

So knowing this whole situation, do you think I should just hang it up and force myself to not see him again like I did last time, or do you think that he is just a bit intrigued by me and likes my company as well as the sex? I know he is a very sex driven person and I have reason to believe that he's shameless and when single will sleep with any woman without predjudice on size, shape, looks etc....

I am 26 years old and he is 27 so I know I'm mature enough to have a sexual fling but I am just wondering if I should pursue my feelings with him or just give it up. I know what type of person he is and I know he's a natural flirt. He's even flirted with a 9 month pregnant bartender. Does any of this make sense?

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