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Re: Cheating
Nov 15, 2003
I agree on that point oceandreams......some people are just serial cheaters and will have casual encounters with just about anybody. On the other hand, you get people like desertdweller's client, who have very long standing extra-marital affairs which last for years.

A radio station once had a call-in where people who were cheating could phone up anonymously and explain how it started and how long it's been going on for. One married woman had been having a 25 year affair with another married man and they were meeting on a weekly basis, sometimes more than once a week. There were a few others who phoned in to say they had been having long standing affairs ranging from a few years to 15 years, but the 25 year affair topped the lot. When asked why they did it, most of them said that their relationship with their married partner was good to a point, but they had a much better physical relationship with the person they were having the affair with. Also as they had children and were good friends with their married partner that they didn't see the point in breaking up the family and divorcing.

I guess for some people it's not enough to have a partner who just loves them emotionally, they need a partner who satisfies them physically b/c to some people the emotional and physical needs are both as important.

I was thinking also about the fact, that to have an affair with the one person for 10 yrs or 25 yrs, you would have to have more than just a mere sexual connection with this person as it's not like visiting a prostitute where you have your sex, pay your fees and leave. These couples are basically having a "relationship" but no kids, no mortgage, no arguments...........Hmmmmm i think i just found the answer to my original question!! Maybe the fact that these long standing affairs have no negatives, but just positives is the answer to why these affairs exist in the first place!!

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