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You sound like one of these people that always has to have a boyfriend. I have a friend that was once like that and I dated a guy that was once like that. Girl, you need to realize that you are great being you and you don't need a guy to vilify yourself. You sound like you have self-esteem issues.

You need to be choosy about the men you date. You just got out of a 4 1/2 yr. relationship that involved drugs and your talking about a guy you are dating and not he broke up with you and then the guy at work - you guys are messing around. On top of all that you're depressed enough to be taking pills.

Your problem is you don't think highly of yourself and until you start thinking that you are something you are going to be in this vicious cycle. You are 22, you need to have fun. You said you made friends with the guy at work, you need to make an effort to make friends with girls because you can't be "just friends" with a guy.

This is just my opinion, do what you want with it. But you need to change how you feel about yourself.

Goodluck with the new job prospective - maybe that will be your turning point!!

**Oh and about the guy at work. He's a piece of crap. If he would cheat on his current girlfriend then don't think for a minute that he wouldn't cheat on you! Leave him in your dust and don't look back!!!!

Keep me informed how your doing.

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