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The questions you're asking like "what kinds of things do girls like in a guy, do they like guys to take control", etc., are hard to answer because each girl is different and will like different things. There are girls who like to be controlled, even bullied, but these kinds of girls often suffer from very low self-esteem (even though it may not appear that way before you really get to know them). You tried acting that way with your girlfriend, and it caused problems, maybe even ran her off. She probably wants someone who will treat her as an equal and not try to control her. It sounds like this is the kind of girl you want, not someone who likes being bullied. There are tons of girls out there who want a guy they can really talk to, who listens and cares about them as human beings, and who they can feel comfortable enough with to just be themselves.

What you need to do (in my opinion :) ) is stop worrying about what kinds of things girls look for in a guy, and continue concentrating on being the kind of person YOU want to be. You have already made many decisions on what you want to do with your life, now you need to follow through with your goals. This shows that you think highly enough of yourself to work for the things you want and that you will not give up easily. The fact that you are working to improve yourself and your life will give you more self confidence, and girls will see this and be attracted to you. Then, just be yourself with them, don't try to be someone you're not by acting in ways that don't feel natural to you.

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