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Hey guys,

I didn't know if this post would be seen if I added it with my old post so here it is again.

Thanks for all of our advice so far. Here is an update on the situation.

A few days after the initial email, things kinda just went back to normal for me and him being friends except somehow now we seem closer than before. He has called me every day since then and we have done something every single day. Then last night, I went up to his room to help him with a paper that was due and he suggested having some drinks together later that night but then made the comment that "it could be dangerous for us to get drunk together." Well we ended up having a couple of drinks and I found myself pulling away from him as the night progressed because I didnt want him to think I was hitting on him. At one point he called me out on that and said that he knew what I was thinking, that I thought he would think I was hitting on him if I got too friendly. Every time I would leave the room to go to the restroom he would ask my friends if I was doing ok with the entire situation and then told them that I was his best friend in the entire world and he didn't know what he would do without me. This was all just normal, friend, stuff and I didnt really think anything about it. Then as we got a few more drinks in us, he started talking about how unattractive he is (which he totally is not!!!) and pulled out pictures of his two brothers and said how attractive they were and all the girls went after them but he was the unattractive one and how he would be so lucky to have a girl like me and how he doesn't deserve me. And how he cant be in a relationship right now because he is broke trying to put himself through school and doesnt have the money to treat a girl properly. (Like money matters!!!) And I had some pictures sitting out of some friends from the past (old flames) and he was like "you turned them down, and I dont even begin to compare to them." and then before he got ready to leave my friends were like give her a hug, she needs a hug. So he came over to me and leaned in to hug me and as he did he mumbled something about falling for me or falling in love with me. (Sorry we were a little too intoxicated to remember the exact words which is driving me and my friends crazy) and then we just stayed in this really tight hug for like 5 minutes. And he kept mumbling and I was like what what did you say but he never would repeat it. And he said at one point, I need to get up, and I was like do you want to get up but then he just pulled in closer. Today when he mentioned the entire thing he never talked about the things he said throughout the night but just mentioned the fact that now all my friends could see how insecure he is. I am so glad that we were able to remain best friends after the situation but I thought that was all it was, and then he says comments like that. I know he was drunk when he said them but he has never lied to me before when he was drunk and has a habit of telling the cold hard truth whenever he drinks. I don't know what to think. I don't want to let my self believe that there is still a chance for us to be more only to have my heart broken again. Is this guy just really insecure?? Please, help.

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