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To make a long story boyfriend of 3 1/2 years is driving me crazy. He keeps telling me he will get a second job but won't. (I tried to help him get a job at my place which pays good money and he wont call the manager back) He misses work to clean our apartment but just stays home and watches movies instead. I bought him a scooter for about $1500 last month and he said he will pay me back weekly. (I have only received 200.00 in the last month!)
If his work is bad and I pay his bills for the month he says he will pay me back for that but doesn't.
Another thing is that over two years ago I got engaged to him. I don't wear my ring though because I don't think he is very serious about our future. He won't talk to me about our financial future (he has no credit at all) and he doesn't want to save money or anything. Also, he has no savings and no money. If I wear my ring people will ask about a wedding. What am I going to for it myself??? The fact that he won't even discuss our future really bothers me. I know he wants to be with me and I do want to be with him..but only if he can get RESPONSIBLE.
There were a couple of speeches he gave me about how he wants to be with me and he will try to do better...but in the long run I keep hearing all of this bull$hit and see no action from him. I know he loves me but I am tired of being with someone who 'lies' to me about what he is going to do and how he is going to change.

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