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Re: Older Men...
Dec 1, 2003
Hi again!

I would also like to add... this is what happens to me.....older men seem to "get attached" to me from the way that I talk...(I was totally not looking at a man , when I sat down and started reading a book in a cafe', my back was turned, I "knew " that an older man was there....but deliberately chose to ignore the daylights out of him.).and he very directly "butted" into a conversation that I was having with a new friend of this cafe'.We were talking about my sister... and how she had just had a child, and I think that my friend had asked me if I had wanted one, and I said, only if I had a man with be "daddy" because that is what I is really important TO ME...andthen he butted in and said that women can have a baby without a father....and I said "I know, but, THAT is NOT what I want..if I choose to have a child."

Also, another time, I was at a gas station, and I was minding my own business, and (it was when Bob Hope had just turned 100).I was telling my close friend something in the car) and I think it was related to Bob's big birthday bash....etc..and this man(I think in his 50' least) The man at the cafe', I forgot to say..I think hinted a little that he was maybe in his 60's.But, anyhow, the gas station fella...he started saying how cool it was that Bob Hope was still going strong..and how he wished him well...and how much he liked him.
My friend always thinks that I am flirting with men...she bothers me about it..but, as much as I was smiling and laughing..I was also serious about just getting the gas and leaving.I wasn't trying to "turn" anybody on. My close friend always accuses me of this!! I had been standing halfway in the car and then standing up to put the gas in the car when the guy started mentionin Bob Hope.My friend thought that I had "on purpose" done this to "get his undivided attention"...I honestly don't plan these out....and I do not have ANY want or need to be with an older guy....right now, I DON'T find them THAT attractive...maybe when I get older I will..but, sorry, I do not now..and I am not going to for a long, long time!!! I am fairly certain of this!!!!
It also happened last night.....I caught this man with his wife..trying to look the other way.....but, (yeah, I do know that statement that "well, we aren't dead!!" and yes, that everyone does look! but, still, I turned back and he tried to look the other way and "get out of it"....I normally do not look always behind me..but. sometimes I was at I was being cautious., is all.
I hope that this letter makes SOME sense...I am being really honest. I am just kind of "tired" of this that's all.I just don't have ANY interest in these men at all!!


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