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[QUOTE=limille]Can anyone help me. I have been married for 15yrs to my husband. I met him when I was 19. We have two children 8 & 10. I'm wondering if anyone can relate to what I'm feeling. We have had our share of troubles in our marriage. Between the lies he's told me & drug use(which he now says he doesn't do anymore). I have a lot of built up resentment and I'm starting to feel very overwhelmed and ready to leave and be on my own. I don't know if I'm just loosing it or what! I've tried to communicate with him but it seems like if it's something he doesn't want to hear he'll walk out on the conversation or be smart about it and just say fine, whatever you want. I've asked for him to go to counselling but he says no, I'm the one with the issues. Am I wrong to want to leave? I know it would be hard on the kids but it doesn't seem like continuing to live in a marriage where there is little affection and time spent together is healthy either. I feel like I would be a better, more patient mom to the kids if I could put this behind this wrong??[/QUOTE]

Hello, I totally understand what u are feeling.
I got married at age 19 right b4 my 20th birthday. I been married for 10 years and with him for 13 years. I have one daughter.
I am at this point not sure of what I want to do.
The little lies are getting to me to the point I am really getting sick of the relationship I have with him. My shrink told him if he doesn't stop, She will NOT want this anymore and fall out of love with you. He said he sees this in most cases he worked with. U can only push some one so many times b4 We get sick of it.
I can only take soo much.
Our problem is him lying about little things. I don't know when he's telling the truth anymore.
I ALWAYS find out after the fact. and by then I am sick of it.

With you, I would go seek counseling too. I have b4 alone and it felt good to talk to some one who will listen to you.
My Borther inlaw had a drug problem and lied to his wife for a long time. He got help but I know for a fact he lies about other things since he's not happy with her.
ANyway with me I started to feel like am I with him cuz I'm weak to start all over and not sure of myself and not to hurt my daughter's feeling? OR do I still love him? MY mom told me once you lose respect for that person u know when it's time to end it.
I don't know.. I know you can't stany in a relationship just the sake of kids... But if we don't know what we want, how can we move on? So I think you should go counseling alone. I am going to go too. I need to clear my thoughts on things also.
I want to stay with my husband knowing I love him for who he is and I am happy. Not cuz I feel fear and weakness for myself.
Good luck.

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