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Re: Cheating
Dec 3, 2003
It will be difficult. In an "entangled" affair, there is affection that grows far beyond anything simply sexual. As "best friends, or soulmates" the closeness is incredible. Remember that you are only seeing this person under 100% ideal conditions. You both prepare and anticipate every moment you can spend together. There are NO worries of bills, or leaking plumbing, or... (you name the issues at home) Nice meals in out of the way restaurants, polite and engaging conversation... How can a spouse compete?
It took three years for the relationship I was in to end. It was like a death. The mourning of loss of companionship. The secret conversations and little notes... Even though your husband does not "know", it is likely that he can sense that something is amiss. I know my wife was alert and we almost got caught numerous times. Maybe the thrill of getting away with deception was a part of why it all happened? Looking back, I am so glad that we broke things off. My marriage is not perfect (what marriage is?), but we are committed to honor our vows. After 30 years, there is so much to be thankful for, it is all a matter of perspective. My wife is the mother of my three children. The other woman is the mother of her own three children. What example would we have set for them if we had continued as we were? I want to pray for your marriage Okiegranny. Will you please pray for mine as well?


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