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I started dating this guy in August. He's definitely the best boyfriend I've ever had. We live about an hour away from each other, but since he gets Mondays and Tuesdays off instead of Saturday and Sunday, he usually comes to my place on Sunday nights after he gets off and stays till Wednesday morning and leaves for work from my place. I don't go up to his place on the weekends when I'm off because I have lots of stuff planned usually (second job, family stuff) and also because I have a big dog who is not very easy to travel with. This arrangement has worked out pretty well for us.

Obviously, I did want to see where he lived, but whenever it seemed like our schedules would allow it, he said he didn't want me to see it. Finally, he took a weekend off and I took a Monday and Tuesday off and we had a very nice, long weekend in the mountains and on the way home, I insisted we go by his place. I told him it didn't matter what his place looked like, I wanted to see his room, his stuff, so I could imagine him there when we weren't together. Reluctantly, he agreed.

When we got there, I could see why he didn't want me to see his place! He lives in a run-down trailer that his roommates own. His roommates are total rednecks. The guy doesn't work at all, the lady has some kind of job, their 20year-old daughter just got out of jail and is not working or paying them rent. There was dog poop all in the front yard (which had been half mowed and the lawn mower just sitting in the middle of the yard) and up the walk, the place smelled like dog and cat pee, the animals all had fleas, the bathroom was HORRIBLE... I'm telling you, Jeff Foxworthy ("You're Might Be A Redneck If") would have a FIELD DAY with this place and these people!

My boyfriend said he lived there because it was cheap (he pays them $200 per month) and because when he needed some place to live when he and his former girlfriend called it quits, they let him move in.

I was mortified, but did not let on to my boyfriend or his roommies that I was.

Our relationship has continued to grow and we are discussing moving in together in April when my lease runs out.

Yesterday my boyfriend told me that his roommate didn't pay the power bill and he owes almost $500 and they turned the power off! It is COLD right now! My boyfriend went and rented a generator so they had power from that last night and today he is giving his roommie extra $$ to get the power turned back on. He made a comment to me that even though having roommates is nice because living expenses are so much cheaper, these kinds of things always happen. I responded that these kinds of things may happen because of the people he choses to live with, because I have had countless roommates and this kind of thing has NEVER happened to me.

I am beginning to get worried about living with him now. He has a good job and makes good money and is very responsible, but it worries me that he would even get into this situation. I would NEVER live in such a place and have never had utilities turned off, etc.

On the other hand, he is not a redneck, and we have discussed getting a house with a yard for my dog, etc., so he knows I am not going to live in such a place as he lives now. Like I said, he has a good job and is responsible about his job and his money, and I believe him when he says he had no idea the power bill had gone unpaid.

I'm not even sure exactly what I'm upset about, other than the fact that he would even live in such a place to begin with, but these are his friends, and he says they were there for him when he needed a place to live.

He treats me better than anyone I've ever dated and we have a very strong connection.

Am I just being a snob?!

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