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My boyfriend and I have been together for a year now. We've had a VERY emotional and turbulent relationship with lots of breakups and lots of fights, but have always gotten back together because we do love each other despite the nasty things that keep getting said, and the resentment towards each other that we're trying to get over. A huge part of our fights revolved around my boyfriend's best friend, who happens to be a female. He tends to get along with females better than males, but he and this girl are especially close, and have been for a couple of years now. They started working together in the first couple of months of our relationship, as my boyfriend got her the job. They work odd hours- 3pm to about 2am everyday at a factory. I have been terrifically jealous of their relationship as long as I can remember. I didn't like her flirtatious attitude the first time I met her, and still cannot stand her as she is completely self-centered, obsessed with her appearance and physical attributes, spoiled, and moody. My boyfriend is WAY in debt and his car has been broken for about 9 months now, and this girl drives him to and from work everyday also. They spend a ridiculous amount of hours a week together because of work and also hang out on the weekends for a few hours. The first time I questioned my boyfriend on whether or not he had feelings for her more than friendship was about 3 months into our relationship, and he denied it completely. I accepted that for a little while, but started getting really suspicious as he seemed to lose interest in sex with me. Throughout our entire relationship, and still to this day but not as often, she calls him with numerous favors such as picking her up a coffee, letting her borrow money, fixing her car, and so forth. It angers me to no end but I kept believing my boyfriend that nothing was going on, after breaking up with him for short periods of time because I just couldn't deal with her in his life. Also, he started picking up some of the phrases and expressions she uses slowly but surely throughout the time we've been together, and has bought her numerous things. The more I've gotten to know this girl, the more and more sure I am that she is using my boyfriend for money. She makes him constantly feel guilty about giving him rides to work (when his house is on the way!!) and he compensates by giving her gas money and buying her cigarettes. She is also very slick and "accidently" forgets to pay him back for other things such money for things she picks up on the way to work, and little items here and there. From what I've heard, she does this to ALL men, and it's the reason why she's a single mom with a diamond ring on every finger, gold chains around her neck, and cute little accessories for her car that SHE never paid a cent for. Anyway, I'm getting slightly off topic. I know this story may sound choppy and confusing, but it's such a complicated situation that I can't explain it very well. I honestly think that this girl is one of the biggest problems in our relationship. As I've said, my boyfriend and I don't get along as well as most couples, and everytime we're going through a bad spell, he exhibits all the symptoms of cheating on me. I'd like to think that this girl wouldn't sleep with him due to him being pretty much broke, but I just don't know anymore. When we're fighting, he totally absorbs himself into her life and what she's doing, talks about something cute or funny she said or did, and looks at her with stars in his eyes. When we make up, he says he does it to make me jealous, but I think it's just a coverup. I know for a fact that he's physically attracted to her b/c he'll admit to her being a very attractive girl, but says it doesn't go any farther than that. Also, he says he would never date her due to the fact that she wants a large famly, and he already has a child and does not want more children. Friends and family around me all think that I'm stupid and that it's obvious that there is something between them, but I want to believe him because she has now had a steady boyfriend now for about 5 months who she seems serious about, and he does try to make it work between us. I just can't shake the feeling that SOMETHING occured between them because they even went on vacation together (with a few other people, also) and he was more absorbed in than ever for a short while after that trip. I want to be with this man as I love him dearly still, and I have no evidence that he actually did anything, but I question everyday whether or not I should stay with a man who I strongly suspected cheated on me, and possibly several times, and maybe for several months straight. What do you guys think about this situation? Also, I want to apologize again for this story not exactly being chronologically correct and easy to read:) Thanks.

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