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Thanks for the advice. Nooo, I'm not wanting herboyfriend for myself at all. There's no sexual attraction, he lives 8 hrs away, and I have more class than to do that--even if they did break up eventually. I think i realize now that I'd only jeapordize my friendship with her if i told him--I'm not good enough friends with him to be disloyal to my friendship with her. I also tend to think this relationship she has with her boyfriend is doommed, so if the breakuup is coming, what good does it do to tell him she cheated when it would onlly hurt him more. She is going to hear more about how disappointed I am in her though, she is living in some fairy tale with her fling and tells me all the "cute/sweet" things he does (hmm, did she forget he is cheating on his girlfriend too?).

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