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Thanks for the replies. I haven't developed any close friends since I've moved, so it has been hard to figure this one out on my own. My sister and I haven't lived in the same town for over 10 years, but still have managed to stay close via computer and phone.
I'll fill in some of the blanks asked.
MY daughter is 15, my BF is in the military, and is 26. My previous husband was an artsy, deep-thinking, professional. MY BF is very different than any man that I have had a relationship with. My sister made it clear when she was visiting that she really liked my exhusband, and asked if we ever thought of trying to patch things up. Interestingly enough, I left my exhusband because he drank too much!
My sister has quit drinking, but still smokes pot fairly regularly. She doesn't go to AA. My boyfriend stated to her that he never has tried any type drug, and never will. She became very defensive about this, and asked what he thought he was doing when he drank alcohol. He and I are social drinkers, and neither one of us got drunk in front of her during her visit.
There are two incidents that she mentioned that bothered her during the visit:
1) My BF is into drawing and tattoos, and my daughter asked him to draw some tribal art on her lower back. He did ( we were all in the room) . She started making fun of him, so he grabbed her leg and started drawing silly pictures on her legs while she squirmed around.
2) She and I met two young Italian guys at my work. Later in the day we were commenting about how cute the guys were, and my boyfriend got openly jealous and upset over it. He didn't yell or get out of control, he just let me know he didn't like us talking about it.
My daughter and my BF don't hang out that much together. She has a boyfriend and is totally caught up in him. My BF works and goes to school so their short time together is mostly limited to weekends. I did end up telling my BF about this situation. His response was just a shoulder shrug and said, " I think your sister has issues that I can't do anything about. I am me, she can take it or leave it." I hate the fact that now I am second guessing everything my BF does, and trying to see something that might not even be there .

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