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[SIZE=3]Well.. I broke up with him (fiance) !![/SIZE]

It was much easier to do than I had anticipated because he pretty much did it to himself last week... Here's the story...

It was his staff Christmas party last friday and when I picked him up he already had a "couple" of drinks, so I declared myself the designated driver. I didn't really care because I am not much of a drinker and prefer to be sobber at most buisness related events, while he is more of a drinker and has a couple beer a few days a week. Anyways... He got SMASHED! One minute he is drink rum and cokes and the next minute I turn around and he is just drinking rum. OH LORDY, what WASN'T HE DOING! He was dancing inappropriately (there was NO music playing), knocking things over, being VERY loud and rude. :eek: I was SOOO EMBARASSED! :mad: :mad:

Well, we were the first people to leave and he could barely walk straight (he actually fell and slid down the hill to the car) and on the way home he threw a tantrum at me in the car because I wanted him to roll his window up (it was pouring with rain and windy) and threatened to jump out of the moving car and even went as far as unbuckled his seatbelt. Then when we finally got to his place (which was the LONGEST car drive EVER) I made sure he got into his house okay and as soon as he got in he threw up all over the CLEAN dishes that he spent 2 hours doing previous to going. LOL <---- DESERVED IT!

Anyways... . it is very clear to him now that I do not want anything to do with him. What he did was inappropriate and teenish and I do not want anything to do with him.

[I]"I will invoke professional courtesy and give you a break. You are "cheating" (your words, not mine) because you, in your heart, are not engaged and you don't want to be engaged and all you really want is to have a bit of a release from the riggers of school every now and then. Seems all your fiance offered was frustration.

Clearly, you have to dump him. Keep seeing the other guy if you want - there will be plenty of time to find a husband, especially in the male-intensive world of engineering where you are a rare attractive female, so if a weekly hookup makes you feel good (and you use protection), then why not?

Rather than feel guilty, you should feel liberated. No, it is not good to string the boyfriend along, so end it now. It was not good to hide your engagement from your lover, but you can rectify that by dumping the fiance.

Have fun and enjoy college. Enjoy your position as an attractive women in geekdom!"[/I]

[B]THANK-YOU :wave: I feel alot better after reading your post. There are soo many more men out there more suited to my personality and lifestyle than fiance; someone with stronger morals and more family oriented focus would be better suited to my needs. I think I need to raise my expectations of the best man possible for me and not settle for anything less until I find him. [/B]


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