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I've been with my boyfriend now for just over three years (he's 24, I'm 27). Lately, though, (past several days) when I look at him, I don't feel anything for him. I don't know if this is a slump or a phase or what, and it worries me greatly. We've had our problems and our differences yet we've always been able to work things out. We have great communication, yet I hesitate to bring up this latest concern, in case it IS just temporary. I don't want to cause him undue stress or worry, thinking that his girlfriend no longer loves him.

We've talked about marriage several times, though he has yet to make me feel like he really, truly wants to marry me. He just says it seems that's where we're heading. (Really romantic, isn't it...).

I don't know. Perhaps I'm just bored with my life and need a change (heaven knows I need a new job desperately, as I am stagnant in the one I have now).

Any advice or suggestions on how to get some feeling, romance, whatever back into the relationship would be greatly appreciated.

I do not want to break up with him. He is a wonderful person, so I want to work on this. I just don't quite know how. (And please, no suggestions on going away together. We actually just got back from vacation a few weeks ago and won't be going again any time soon).

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