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"Doesn't sound like you are the most rounded person out there- describing a friend of your girlfriends' as a complete geek and a total dork...hmm, jealous, judgemental, complete lack of concern for her"

Okay the guy is 21, has Star Wars bed sheets, obsesses about star wars, too me, that screams geek. Judgemental am I? Most definitely. Jealous, slightly for the fact that my girlfriend can barely stand not talking to him for like a freakin minute, she came over to my house, got on AIM and talked to him for like 3 hours. I almost nearly went insane! So I went out for a drive to cool off.

I put that we "really loved each other" because im not 100% sure if she still loves me the way I still love her. My friends death isnt a cover up, im neither moody or depressed, cant really say if I think differently or not, but I dont think I do. And when I think of my friend, I think back at the times we had not the cheating incident. The reason I blame her for the cheat, even tho she was taken advantage of is because, it was her choice to get stoned, I've been stoned many times before when I was young, and my thought process was no wheres nearly impaired enough for me to want to cheat on someone.

I do have trust issues with my girlfriend because she blatantly lied about what happened when she cheated on me, wasnt till like a month or so after my friend died that she told me the whole truth. How F'ed up is that? She's lied to me about numerous things where I ended up finding out the truth, and shed cover it up with things like "everyone has those kinds of feelings" well to me thats F'in BS because I dont get those feelings...

Reading your guys post, somewhat makes me realize thats its more likely more my fault, which actually suprises me. But I do guess I have some issues to resolve.

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