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Wow, I just don't have the strength to go into detail but here are some pointers:
WAKE UP kinda sounds like she could be depressed (hint, hangs out with a guy who is suicidal, spends the night with HIM playing games etc...) Buddy, buck up and look after the dear girl. She loves you? Lucky you. Doesn't sound like you are the most rounded person out there- describing a friend of your girlfriends' as a complete geek and a total dork...hmm, jealous, judgemental, complete lack of concern for her- ex. "my best friend got her stoned and took advantage of both her and her friend". then you say stupid you? this happened TWO years ago, and it was your freakin friend that in YOUR words, took ADVANTAGE of her.
And what the hell do you mean you "really loved each other- but to the point?" Loved as in the past kind of love? To the point of what? No return? What does to the point mean? I didn't know love had a limit or a point.
To end this, you picking your relationship apart- is it a cover up for the fact that you best friend died? Are you the one feeling weirded out here? If you don't express this, it could make her feel locked out from your thoughts and feelings, which also could have prompted the "relationship talk that all guys hate".
I think you need to look what is really going on here, are you jealous because this "geek" offers your girlfriend more than you can? Is your friends death making you moody/depressed/think differently? Is it possible that the thought of your friend is making you think more about the time your gf cheated on you with him, and in turn makes you think she would do it again? Do YOU really want this relationship? It really doesn't sound like you have a mature respectful relationship. The way you talk about love, the talk all guys hate, it sounds like you blame her for the cheat, but yet mention she was taken advantage of. Doesn't make sense to me.
First of all, I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. And I agree with you, I personally don't think anyone can "get" you stoned. She made the decision to smoke pot with your old friend. And if he did take advantage of your girlfriend while you were with her, he was not much of a friend. But back to topic, if I'm understanding correctly, you said your girlfriend started one of those dreaded female "where are we in this relationship" conversations, but she kept asking you how you felt about her, and then she told you she kind of likes this guy she's been seeing but that she loves you? Is that correct? Or has she said she loves you in the past, but the night of your conversation, she just said she likes this other guy? It sounds to me like she wants out of the relationship but doesn' have the guts to end it herself. It sounds like she's asking your permissino to leave, or waiting for you to say "ok, I get it, you want to be with this other guy, so go." If she goes over to your house, then spends the entire time communicating with this other guy, I'd say that's sending a pretty clear message to you. She wants to be with him. I know it may be hard to hear, but if I were you, I'd just tell her that it seems clear she doesn't want to be with you anymore, that you felt she was telling you the other night that she wants to be with this other guy. Then you can do what's in your heart, whether you want to give her some time to figure out what she wants to do, whether you want to wait for her, or whether you just want to cut her loose. I would suggest moving on. It sounds like you've already invested a lot of time in this girl, and if she's not more solid with you than this by now, she probably never will be.

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