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I have been with my boyfriend for 9 months. Everything has been going great and we are really in love (talking about marriage and kids etc). A couple of days ago his ex-girlfriend's parents phone and want him to come over to visit. He has been broken up with her for over 6 years and has not seen them or her for that whole time. This whole idea makes me very insecure because why after all this time do they want to see him? They broke up because she had a drinking problem and would stay out all night, so he left her. She ended up getting married and having 2 kids. I am worried that her husband and her broke up and she wants to get back with him and her parents are trying to help. Does that sound crazy? Maybe she cleaned up her act and he will fall in love with her again? This is also the girl that he said he thought was the one and bought her a $4,000 engagement ring. I told him that it bothers me that he is going over there tomorrow but he says it shouldn't bother me. He says that he got along really well with her parents and that is why he is going to visit them but he also seems resistant to talk about it. He also seems so happy and excited about seeing them. I don't know what to think. I know that if he is still in love with her it is better to find out now but I don't know if I could handle finding that out right now. My question for you guys is would this bother you? Would it make you suspicious? Thanks for any feedback!

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