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Lolligirl - if this is a man that wants to marry you, etc... then if you feel uncomfortable about it - I think he should take you with him.

I would've asked him to ask the parents why is it they want to see him (curious, etc..). If they said they missed him and just wanted to chat for ole times sake, then out of respect for you he should've told them, "Oh how nice, I'll be bringing my girlfriend along as well though so I hope you don't mind." Only then will you see how innocent or legit the parents visit is.

The past is called the past for a reason. It should stay there!

I would ask him if the situation were reversed and it were you vs. him - how would he feel. If he says he would be fine with it, then tell him, "OK - well if something like that should ever come up - please remind yourself that I will be doing the same." In other words - no regard for his feelings and you will go see the ex or the parents.

I think someone is definitely full of it and I pray it's not him. What's done in the dark will come to light - pray on it.

But remain confident in who you are lolli - act fearless. Whatever is meant to be will be. Just don't be naive and trust your instincts and go for what you know. No regrets!

Keep us posted :) But remember - you'll be fine either way because if he were to go bk with her, then guess what - that just means that the Lord has someone EVEN BETTER in store for you that you'll love even more so no worries lolli :)


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