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[QUOTE=MJK98]I would go with the new guy since the "Boyfriend"
seems to be way to needy and we tend to get sucked into a one sided relationship where you will find that all you are doing is things for him
get out while you can try out the new guy and leave the past behind you ! Good Luck[/QUOTE]

Juat because you are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend does not mean you cant be there for your boyfriend or that you are turning your back on him!! Obviously this other guy is showing the interest in you that you are looking for. But besides the touching and tibgling you need to find out which one you are more compatible with!! I tried to get back with my exboyfriend a month before i met my fiance, like you the first week was sex and then after that it fell into a relationship situation. Also like you he had issues and while he had a car he could never keep a job and was often moving (he moved twice in one month) I couldnt take it!! I was getting so stressed out by trying to support him as well as myself. Then I met my fiance!! he was so great and made me feel so special. Even though we never did anything other than be really good friends who liked to hang out alot (no kissing touching ANYTHING!!) I realized I was WAY much happier!! So I left my boyfriend. And even though my DF and I have had our problems we love eachother very much and I have never felt happier about a relationship or even myself!! So my suggestion is to findout which one brings out the best in you and go for it!! youo need to put you and your feeling first!!

Good Luck keep us posted!!

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