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I was the same with my ex. I partied, dated and generally just did what I could to deal with the pain. I didn't want to face the hurt that I felt about it being over. Essentially the partying and such just made it easier for him not to come back. I didn't have control over my emotions and he knew it.

Your question, when do you know when you've moved on? For me, I haven't yet completely and it's been over a year since we've seriously been together. I think I'm doing ok and then he pops up somewhere or someone mentions his name. I've had a couple boyfriends but nothing that compares to the ex I truly loved. I think about him now with hurt and anger, no more longing or desperation. So I guess that's the next natural step in letting someone go. I think that I will finally get over him when I allow myself to fall for someone else and know that that person loves me more than my ex did.

I once told my ex when he tried to reel me into his lies that it takes two hands to clap. I was always the one trying and he never did. I really believe that when I am into a relationship that is more than just one sided on either partner, he or I, that's when I will finally release this phantom relationship that I have with my ex.

Until then it's the lonliness that keeps you partying and searching. You are searching to find something to fill the void in your life. Alcohol and meaningless relationships only make you feel even more empty in the long run. But I can't lecture, because that's exactly what I did as well.

I hope you are doing better. Keep us posted. Sometimes there's that one person you just ache to get over. I've had plenty of relationships and this has only happend to me this one time. It makes you wonder, what made this person so different from the others? I guess that's just the mystery of love.

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