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The night was actually full of irony.

Firstly, the night before NYE my boyfriend and his friends plans kind of fell through - the condo (a friends parents vacation home) was being used so they couldn't stay there. The night before they got together for dinner to discuss what they might do -and Frank was talking about waiting around for me to get off work (at least until 8 or 9 if it happened) and then us driving up there together.

Well at dinner they made a plan that made it sound pretty impossible for me to join up - too many separate locations and they were moving all over the map up in the city. When Frank realized there was no way I could be going, he actually threw a little hissy fit, it was so funny. "This is so disappointing! I really want to spend it with you too!" He was grumbling about it for about 15 minutes and I was just saying 'Look you'd already planned on going to SF for New Years, don't worry about it.'

His friends called back and found out a fun band was playing in town at a local bar/music hall on NYE. They changed their plans to go to see this band :D So I got to go along.

Irony number two was that I managed to have the shortest end of month day in my entire 4 years with this company. I came in at 6am and left at 5pm. I've *never* left at 5pm at end of month - especially end of calander year. It was bizaare. I was quite happy about it though :) So I got to have dinner with everyone and everything!

Kind of weird how it all turned out extremely well in the end :) I was glad to see him throw a bit of a fit when it finally clunked into his head that we wouldn't be together when the new year began.

Thanks for the thoughts guys...

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