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Dec 29, 2003
I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now and everything about our relationship is almost perfect. Everyone tells us we're going to get married. But see, the thing is, part of the reason why our relationship is so perfect is because i've almost completely cut myself off from hanging out with any of my guy friends. Whenever i do, he ends up getting mad which leads to a fight. So to prevent that, i just pretty much stopped hanging out with all other guys period. Well now that I have alot more time because my athletic season is over...I'm starting to hang out with more of my girl friends, who are almost all single. They just do whatever they want, hang out with whatever guys they want until whatever time, hook up with whatever guys they want, party as they please, drink as much as they want. And when i'm with them it makes me miss all the fun i used to have. I mean i love my boyfriend more than anything, when i'm with him, nothing can be more perfect, its like a place of serenity where everything is just perfect. But as soon as i am not with him and hanging out with my friends its like a whole other side of me. And sometimes i think that maybe i am cheating myself. Maybe im cheating myself from all the fun. Then i get temptations where i really really want to cheat on him because i ALWAYS want whats forbidden. I've done it my entire life. If someone told me i cant push a button because it'd blow up a car i'd probably do it or come close to it because i always give into temptation. I've been like that my entire life. So i find myself attracted to his friend, and that makes it that much more tempting because not only is he good looking, but he is also his good friend. I'm sick and i can't help it!!!!! I'm attracted to this kid that he hates and that makes it that much more tempting too cause he hates him. I get these urges sometimes to cheat on him to see what its like to kiss someone else other than him and maybe use alcohol as an excuse, but I know that wil probably make things worse. I don't know, I guess this post was really pointless, i just really don't know what's wrong with me!!! If you have anything to say please post back!! Anything is help.

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