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OMG, She sounds just like a friend I USE to have. Vickie was very immature, overweight (which made her Extremelly insecure, Overbearing, and well several other adjectives come to mind. We were friends for many many years.....and then one night we went out and this guy she liked didn't like her at all. So he hung close to me....and had me tell my friend he had a girlfriend and all that. Well, that very night she called my (now ex) boyfriend and told him I cheated on him and all that jazz. I never talked to her again. Enough is enough. It sounds like your friend has alot of issues, and you will be better off without friends like that. I have never looked back since ending my friendship, and I still hear things about her through the grape-vine. She hasn't changed at all, and I am so glad I don't have that kind of drama in my life anymore. I was exactly your age when I finally saw the light. You don't need friends like that, I say move on and find some friends who aren't so hell bent on making your life chaotic!!!!

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