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I have a female friend that I've known since high school (about 8 years) that I care about dearly. She is sort of a loud spoken bully type and I always feel like I have to walk on eggshells around her.

Anyhow, we dated two guys that were friends in the past and it caused a rift between her and I for 6 months. She told the guy I was seeing that I was cheating on him and then quit talking to me because he told her I was mad. (really I was just hurt) The same guy (my ex) told me that she wanted to beat me up so we didn't talk for 6 months.

Well we've been friends again for a few months and she has a new boyfriend that she intends to marry soon. I am single and her guy friends were hitting on me. First her roomate, and she gave him my phone number knowing I wasn't interested and without my permission. Then her neighbor was interested and she told me that if I dated him that her and I would no longer be friends because of the previous situation.

Well I was upset at first because I thought she was trying to imply that I was the problem in our relationships with the first set of friends. But I understood and had a long conversation with her neighbor telling him that we could only be friends. My girlfriend had warned me a few days before that her roomate had given her neighbor my number minus the area code. Well there are only two area codes around where we live. He asked me what my area code was and I gave it to him as friends (like he wouldn't have figured it out anyway).

Last night he called me. I told him that I had a date with my friend from out of town. My girlfriend knew that too. I went out to dinner and came home and called her to ask if my date and I could come by. She didn't answer. She called me back 10 minutes later screaming at me because her neighbor had my number. She asked how he got it and I told her that SHE gave it to her roomate and HE gave it to this guy. I merely gave him the area code. She called me a liar, said she never wanted to speak to any of us m*@therf*^kers again and hung up on me.

Do you think I was wrong? I feel like she's just a bully because when she wanted to give out my number, she gave it to her roomate without my permission. So it's her fault that her neighbor got the number in the first place. Also, her neighbor knows how she feels and threw it in her face that he had my full number. But here I am hurt and without a friend because of it.

I know this is long, but please help with any advice. Thanks.

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