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Ok thanks everyone for posting. Here is what I have decided. First of all he is not much of a friend. A real friend would not stick someone with $600 and not pay it back. EVER. We hardly even talk anymore since he never calls because he is so afraid I am going to ask him about the money. If I borrowed that much money from somebody, I would repay it back whatever the cost.

A small claim court filing fee out here is about $25 I sued somebody else a few years ago ( a former employer and won) and I think that is how much I paid. Unfortunately the weasle owner of the business filed for BK so I never got a dime of my money.

He did call me a few days ago, I left him a VM to come pick up a package of his that got delivered to me by mistake. He stopped by when I was not home and my boyfriend gave it to him. He did call me, in which I told him we need to get together and talk about this money and that I am not going to forget about it and that we need to develop a payment plan and he needs to stick to it otherwise I will be forced to resort to legal action. I got another excuse saying he is paying a lawyer for something. So again he has $$$ to pay a lawyer but not me. It is always something.

It is his own fault he is a financial mess. When we lived together as roommates his business was struggling, he was home an awful lot when he should have been working. I told him he should probably get a second job so he can stop being broke but he would not do something simple as put a resume together. He applied for jobs with no resume which is a joke. So now, 6 months ago he finally got a real job but is commission based so it's taking him a little bit to get some $$$ rolling in. He should have done this over a year ago. He likes to sit around the house instead of working. He likes living dollar to dollar, paycheck to paycheck I guess, I do not. For being 50, he should be tired of this. Who wants a roommate at his age? At 50, I will be married with grown kids I hope. He supposedly has a girlfriend and I am sure he spends all his money on here rather than pay his debts. Oh and when he moved in with me as a roommate, he lied to me about his age by 10 years, I don't know why, maybe he was dreaming that we would eventually hook up or something.

So anyways, I will give him one more month to contact me so we can talk, otherwise its off to court I go.

QUOTE=MJK98]i would chalk it up to a loss , if the man is 50 and cant pay his bills why pursue this, i know he owes this to you but still if he cant pay it you should never have lent it from the begining i mean it was a nice thing to do but i always said to myself if i ever lent friends money i would chalk it up to being as good as gone also unless you have proof and you both signed something your wasting your time in court[/QUOTE]

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