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GertieMae are you my twin? I am waking up to all the "friends" that push me around now. I am finally cutting them out of my life. I know it's more difficult for you because these people are family. But hey better off being alone if all these people do is steal from you and want from you and never give.

I have met a wonderful friend that is telling me what people have told me for so long, that I was naive. I do have a voice and try to put my foot down but these people just don't care. My new friend is finally showing me the kind of love and respect that I deserve and trying to help me to realize that I should expect that from everyone, not just him.

I am a giving, honest, beautiful person. I don't have much financially to give, but I would give it anyway because I have a giving heart. Eventually people just assume that they can take from you though and your dad expects never to pay you back. He doesn't care if you're angry. I'm sure he figures you'll get over it in a few more weeks.

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that I know what you are going through. Do you have any friends that you feel are sincere? I found my first REAL friend recently and he has shown me how easy it is to be with someone that doesn't take or want something when you least expect it, or even when you do. As long as I don't let any more vultures into my life, I am working on getting rid of the one's I have now.

I've read your previous posts and isn't it always the illusion that these people really care sometimes because when you back away, they seek you out. they won't let you just bow out gracefully, they seem to track you down to be your "friend or family" again. Because they want to reap the benefits of being on the recieveing end of the friendship.

How this makes sense, I was rambling.

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