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Thanks for your reply but let me clarify. I have not been married for 20yrs, we dated for a three years, lived together for 4 and have been married for 13yrs. Don't envy me as it is not all peaches and cream nor easy. We have 2 girls, 7 & 12.
In fact as I approach my 39th birthday next month I am really feeling a mid-life crisis coming on. I also don't feel well alot of the time (hence my user name). I am working on it!

Now back to you.

Yes I understand about the friend thing. However, I have found that guys don't want to hear "girly" things and I don't expect my husband (dh) to be my girlfriend. I recommend that you focus on this part of your life instead of him. Hey I know its hard as I am "there" too. You will not believe how much happier you will be. You see if you can't "get" what you need from him you have to find it in different ways.

Right now I am adopting a philosophy of "ME"!!!! I used to put myself wayyyy on the back burner. Does this sound like you?

I will have to say I respect your decision to "take" him back but it is something I think I could not handle.

You have made a cyber-friend here. :wave:

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