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I think its one of those things you have to take on a case by case basis. My best friend is a guy and he and his wife (now exwife) were and are still extremly close to me. We used to go on vacations together and spent several holidays together. I was there for the both of them thru their divorce and i love them dearly . Each one knows im still close to the other. They have 3 beautiful girls that i love very much. His "new wife" tho, does not care for me at ALL. He's been my best friend for over 6 yrs and he dated this woman for one year and has now been married to her for one year. She knows Im close to him and his ex wife. I am "not allowed" to call him at home, but can call him on his cell phone. Those are his new wifes rules and I abide by them so there won't be any problems. Ive tried being nice and friendly with her (hey she makes my best friend happy, and that makes me happy) but she just wants no part of me in their life. Ive actually told him if its best for his happiness I would bow out as his friend but he says no. We have been best friends for years and he says I respect their marriage and have only good things to say about his wife and that i am his best friend as well. I was not invited to their wedding because "she" didn't want me there and even tho it hurt, i understood and didnt hold it against her. I don't think she'll ever accept me as his friend or hers. My friend says thats something she'll just have to learn to live with because she knew i was his friend before they even dated. I'm not sure if she is just insecure or what, but i just don't want to stir up any trouble between them. Guess some women just cant accept that. MY hubby has a very close female friend he works with and i trust the both of them completely because i know my husband loves me and im secure in that.

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