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My girlfriend & I have been together for a year. She moved down here (1200+ miles) to be with me about 6 months ago. We were watching The Real World last night. One girl had a boyfriend back home & kissed another guy on the show. She felt horrible. My girlfriend has always said that she doesn't believe in cheating+. When this happened on the show, my girlfriend said that it was good that the girl felt bad, but that she should admit it to her boyfriend. She said that it wasn't any big deal, because it was reality TV & it was only a kiss. I disagreed & said that a kiss, generally leads to other things. Was I in the wrong for feeling strongly about this & bringing it up, or should I have just let it go. We have discussed our feelings about cheating in the past. I have never been perfect in other relationships, but I would never cheat on her. She said that this has nothing to do with us.

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