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[QUOTE=lepeep]I just noticed it yesterday when we were hanging out with three of his male friends -- my boyfriend was very, very affectionate toward me.

When we hang out alone he is somewhat affectionate. When we are with his friends who have girlfriends (or my friends) he is more affectionate. But any social occassion where I have been surprised at how sweet, and cuddly he was, it just hit me that only his single male friends have been present.

A little background info on my boyfriend -- we are in love but he has a lot of trouble being consistently affectionate (though he has gotten better over time). Also, rarely says I love you. It is a constant sorespot, and topic of fighting from my end.

So could my observation be true? Could it be a male competition issue?

I loved how affectionate he was yesterday, so ideally I would like for him to be that way always.[/QUOTE]
sounds like hes being affectionate around his single male friends because hes marking his territory and doesnt want anyone to steal you away from him. He could be alittle insecure and yes its fun when there like that. Cant blame you for liking it, but try to confront him about it and make sure he knows your all his and no one elses and that you need more affection cuz you love him so much and il think hell understand.

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