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When my boyfriend and I first started chatting on MSN, we were honest with each other and even joked about some of the other people that we were simultaneously chatting with. I was only chatting with one other guy at the time and he was chatting with two other girls.
Not everyone lies or has hidden motives. Really Truth, some people actually want to meet someone nice and have a relationship. I'm not sure why you're such a skeptic but I've now been with my boyfriend for 7 months, I've met his entire family including extended one, I've met most of his friends and he has done the same with my side. He's not a freak, he's a nice guy who I would have been just as attracted to had I met him at a party or through friends. What does it matter how we met as long as we clicked and developed a relationship? Online MEETING and I'm not even saying dating is just a means to an end. It's one way out of MANY, MANY out there of meeting someone. Just because you clearly had bad experiences doesn't mean that the same applies to everyone out there. Don't discourage people based on your unique experience. Bottom line is, if you meet someone online, MEET them in person and take it from there. Don't drag a relationship on and on and on and on over phone or MSN and develop feelings that aren't real. That's the only concession I'm willing to make. There have been many people on these boards sharing positive stories about people they met online. I think we're all beating a dead horse here trying to convince you otherwise.

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