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I have been going out with my boyfriend for the past 14 months, we have totally dofferent personalities which clash majorly. He is very easy going, and i am not, i am quite uptight and moody. He is 21 and i am 20, i am very mature for my age he is not as mature.

There are moments that i love him so much i could explode and then i cant stand him. And lately the times that i cant stand him out weigh the loved up feelings.

We broke up because of the personality clash (and some other minor things) last October and that lasted 3 weeks, we missed each other terribly and got back together, we both changed for the better and things were going great, until now. We are rowing again, and i think it is time to break up for good.

Thing is, i was heartbroken the first time and could not function. And i start training for my new job on Monday, i have to travel to another county and stay in a hotel and dont think i could cope with the break up with the added stress and lonelyness i might come across being away from home.

I do love love him, but i am not "in love" with him anymore, i have also lost my sex drive and am not as attractive to him as i was in the begining. But i think the lack of sex drive is down to personal problems not him per se.

I am sorry if whoever is reading this gets :yawn: but i hope someone can give me some advice and feel free to ask me any questions about my relationship i know i have probably let out lots of stuff.

PS: I think he is still very physically and sexually attracted to me, but i think he may also be wanting to break up. WE fought last nite and have not spoken since.

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