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HI, I agree w/Leanea, and the reason I am replying to this post is, your boyfriend sounds alot like my ex....him and I moved in together very fast too, and also talked of marriage and children. Let me say that I do have very low self esteem, but sometimes you still need to trust your gut...evetually, living with him, I found some really disturbing things out, he had ton's of porn downloaded on his computer, a pair of someones(I still don't know who's) dirty panties, he even had an ad in some kind of adult (expicit) matching site, he also had actual photos of nude girlfriends from the past, which I comfronted him about, he said he had always been into that stuff, and he continually made excuses to defend his actions, told me how I am the only one he wants, and to prove this he even got rid of the stuff. Every time we argued these things came up, and he kept asuring me things were fine, that he was completely in love with me, and only me, loved my body, my face, our sex life, everything about me. This went on for months....some unrelated issues came up and I ended up moving out. BUT a week after I moved out, I found out that he had cheated on me, with a married woman from his work.........some guys absolutely cannot commit, and since this guy was the only man I was ever with who was SOOOO "into" porn and what not, my conclusion is these things are bad signs.....VERY bad signs, now, i don't fully know your situation or your BF, I just wanted to add my two cents, because I wish I would've had someone to warn me ealier, I am also not saying all porn is bad, but like I have heard others say, there IS a line, and if it seems extreem to you, it probably is.....

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