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Maybe someone better for you is out there beyond him. Get out there and make sure your prince sees you. Guys are pretty straight up, especially when they say no.

I thought I was in love with my best friend from college. We stayed friends for a decade through each others' various relationships. He met a girl that was perfect for him and then didn't need to be my friend any more. It hurt. Took a while, but I got over it. Once my heart was free, I found the best guy in the world.

He's avoiding you because you DO have other intentions: [I]"I still love him......" [/I]

If your love is true and unconditional, let him go. The trade off is worth it.

Apologies if my message seems less than hopeful. Your message poked me in a sensitive spot, since my boyfriend still gets emails, instant messaging, and voicemail from an ex-girlfriend who still considers herself a "good friend" but barely acknowledges my existence. Since he and I have discussed my feelings on that (I think she's disrespectful of our relationship), he rarely -- but still on occasion -- talks to her, and keeps it short. Her attempts to contact him have increased recently, and I'm just waiting for the "Happy Valentine's Day" excuse to catch up, and I'll take bets against it being fond wishes for the two of us. She knows I'm moving across the country for a new job this month, and -- darn it! -- I AM suspicious of her intentions! [took a deep breath, and will now stop venting.]

Happy prayers to you and best wishes through a difficult time,


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