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My bf and I broke up 5 days ago. We dated for 5 months and while it was not a "perfect" 5 months, things were GREAT. They were even great the day we broke up! I was thinking about how the past week had been the happiest week we'd had together. (I snowboard, and I recently got him interested, so we went 3 times together, including the day we broke up). So, long story short (as short as I can make it anyways), we got into a little argument on Sunday - I still can't decide if it was him over-reacting (as he tends to do) or me being out of line, but either way, it wasn't a break-up type fight. We were silent in the car on the way home, and once we park the car he paused for a minute and then said "this isn't working." My stomach just sunk. Granted, I know we aren't always on the same wavelength about everything, but things were going just fine!

So he proceeded to tell me that he feels like we're "opposites." Do opposites share the same taste in music? food? movies? do they get along with each other's friends? do they make each other laugh 24-7? I don't think so. He tried to bring our ages into play (I'm 24, he's almost 27). Again, irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. He told me he's tried for a while now to hold on but it just isn't working. I don't get it. The morning of the day we broke up we were happy, laughing, talking, making plans to do things together. These are not common signs that someone isn't happy.

So I packed up my stuff that i'd had at his place, and went to my apartment crying and wondering what just happened. I blame myself and keep telling myself if we hadn't gone out that day, we wouldn't have gotten into that argument and we'd still be together right now. I've asked him to explain it to me over this past week but none of his explanations really help. He says I came along at an awkward time in his life. He's got hang-ups w/ his life, his finances, his family, and had something else pictured for himself at his age. He had a 5 year relationship that ended sudenly a year and a half ago (she left him) and says he never really took the time to be alone with himself to figure himself out. It took him the 5 great months we spent together to figure that out? He says i'm an "incredible person" and doesn't regret a thing. It just seems like such a waste to me......I blame myself and keep telling myself I could have somehow prevented this.....I am feeling so alone and lost right now. I was used to seeing him every day and now not at all. I keep replaying everything in my head and nothing makes sense. We were happy! He even admitted to me in an e-mail today that he's found himself wondering several times this week "why this happened - we were so happy." but he also says he "thinks this is the best decision for both of us and we will see that in time." He thinks we can be best friends, but we can't date each other.......anyone have any advice for me? Does it sound like it happened because of something i did (or didn't do), or issues he has that are beyond my control?? I am torturing myself over this and I can't eat, sleep, or stop thinking about him!! HELP please :confused:

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