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How Can I Be Nice?
Feb 9, 2004
This is the kind of boyfriend I don't want to be:

Over the past month I having been noticing that I have been getting more protective of my girlfriend. I never have been this way before but my actions I am afraid may be killing things.

I have been with this girl for 5 months now. Our relationship is premature but we are seeing things into the future and love each other to the fullest extent.

In the past month, I have been get bothered and annoyed over little things. I see myself getting very jealous. I have been in a lot of relationships and never expierenced my behavior to be ever like this. In a relationship I believe in trust and want her to go out and have fun. When she does go out I let her because I don't want to be controlling but it does bother me to a certain extent. What hurts me the most is that she notices it and will call me several time to let me know what she is doing or going. It hurts me that she has to call me to let me know this even when I tell her not to call me.

Now, she has repeated told me that she doesn't mind calling me, but it hurts me because it seems as if I am the bad guy here. I am not controlling I would never raise my anger or my fist at her but for some reason I see anger coming in slowly and I need a way to deal with it!!!!

Any suggestions? :confused:

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