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[QUOTE=LostInLove]Belle - I did find out the he was seeing her here and there before we actually broke up. When he knew that things were possibly going to work out, he dumped me for good. I know that after 5 years he is bound to miss me a little bit here and there, cuz I know I miss him, that is why I have decided to wait for a while before I date anyone else. I need to get over him first. I dont care if this gf he has will work out, but if he is telling me that he misses me, i think that he needed to take time before rushing into a nother relationship. but i guess that everyone is different. I do hope that i come out the winner in all of this. I just know that if I was with a really great guy right now and I was still missing my ex, i would need to take a step back and decide if i really made the right decision. oh well, whatever.[/QUOTE]

Hey me You WIll Come Out a WINNER...maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow...maybe 9 months from now...[B]Believe[/B]..Stay Strong.
Let's put it this way...You are going through all the emotions of a long term relationship break-up, you are feeling the pain of a broken heart :eek:
On the other hand you ex-boyfriend :rolleyes: is with another girl getting all he can and NOT feeling the emotions of a break up..this is very normal for a male. They keepin in in the back of their mind and can't deal with emotions like woman can..I'm sure if any guys are reading this I'm going to get heat for this comment...I'm a female who has had alot of male friends,
along with two brothers,and the fact that I have too been dumped or cheated on in my 42 years of life to have insight on this... ;)
I'm sure he misses you he just doesn't want to be with you: this is making
HIM FEEL GOOD not you! This being a woman we hold onto those words cause that's how we are...Have you gone out lately? Shopping? Movies?
Dinner with friends? Try to get out and just for an hour or two put this aside and make yourself enjoy whatever it is your doing without thinking of your ex.
Make it YOUR TIME For YOU and tell yourself You Are Speical...just because.

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