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Hey there everyone who is following this post.....sorry it took so long to get back! Boy, this past week has been SUCH a rollercoaster and I don't know if I like that! At least the first week after the break-up, my mood was consistent: I was miserable. This past week, however I have been up, down and back again....I guess it probably is a good thing, but it's so confusing!

To give an update on this past week, well, things have been....weird. My ex and I got together a few times - we watched a movie Wednesday night. Things were ok. Not "too" weird. We ordered some food and had a pretty nice time. BUT he won't stop the flirting, tickling, being "cute" type behavior. Definite mixed messages going on here. We met at the mountain the next night and went snowboarding together. It was nice...up until he introduced me to his instructor as his "friend" Kristin. OUCH. That stung a little...whatever. When we got into our cars to leave, it was a hug as usual. But it was weird. Like we both stood we kiss? Do we walk away? It's clear that we BOTH are attracted to one another, but he's got these "rules" in place, since we're broken up. But he insists that we are best friends. Tell me....what is the difference between boyfriend/girlfriend, and best friends who are attracted to one another??? I'm failing to see this so if someone can help me out, that would be greatly appreciated.

So i bought a new car. He wanted me to bring it over and show him. so i did, on Saturday (Valentine's Day). i get there, and i asked if he was hungry. He was, but he said he had to go inside and change. I was thinking we could pick something up or cook something, but he had going to some restaurant in mind I guess. so we went out to eat.....VERY odd. I was supposed to meet up with some friends later on that night to go out and have fun. But...having dinner with him got to me more than I had anticipated. He kept making comments like "you should go out, it would be good for you...maybe you'll meet a nice guy like me." OUCH #2. Big time. At that point I had no desire to go out. So i brought him home. On the way back to my place he calls me and tells me that if i don't stay out too late, and want to come over and watch a movie with him, to just call him. this guy confused or what!? So i did call him...but he came to the conclusion it may be best if we didn't hang out, because he feels like he has been sending me mixed signals. Hmm you mean like putting your arm around me when we walked out of the restaurant? How about suggesting if i dont want to go out i could come over and rub his back? Or telling me my new hair cut and outfit is hot and making suggestive comments (comments that would be OK - if we were still together). UGH. So needless to say i went to bed upset....and wake up to an apologetic voice mail saying that the last thing he wanted to do was make me cry on valentines day and that he's really pissed at himself and really sorry. GOOD.

I don't understand where he is coming from AT ALL. It is obvious we like to spend time together, it is obvious we are attracted to each other, and we have the best time when we're together and we CARE about each WHY are we not together!!??!!!? This makes no sense to me.....

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