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So I shouldn't be concerned with this anyway because I am seriously looking for a way out of this relationship, but I think my boyfriend call another girl at night when I'm in bed.

My boyfrend and I have been together 6 weeks now. No reason for me to get jealous or anything, but he's controling, emotionally and sexually abusive. It's more emotional than anything though.

Anyhow, he's always thinking I 'm cheating on him and that's why he turns his anger on me supposedly. But I always noticed that the ones that accuse usually have something to hide.

So I heard him talking one night. He is jobless so he stays up until 4am in the other room so he won't wake me. I have his cell phone today and in his outgoing call list there is a California call at 4am from a few nights ago. We live in Michigan.

Just seems like the pot calling the kettle black I guess because he SEARCHED my car last night while I was asleep and found a note from one of my girlfriend's neighbors. This guy used to like me a few months back, but nothing ever happened. He wrote a note and left it on my windshield. I forgot all about it. It was under my seat. He accused ME, as if he allows me any time to cheat.

Anyhow just an ironic situation because I actually hope he'd take his anger out on someone else instead of me. I have enough stress with my living situation anyway. (I've been staying with him because I felt uncomfortable living at my old place, but I just found a new one).

I am not going to confront him on it. I think I'll just lie back and see if I can find more evidence. Eventually he'll slip and that will be my out.

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