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OH don't Stop believing in LOVE..It's beautiful when your with the right person where you feel secure...Even if he or she looks...
Quote: just because your on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at the menu"
I too used to think Lust and Love were too different things.
I love my boyfriend and I do LUST over him too and he feels the same way.
He has made me so secure with his love that even if he checks out a girl I check her out with him..Silly isn't it..I was not always like this..I was the jealous type for many years..(i'm going to be 42) because I was with the wrong guy and was also very insecure with myself. Age has a funny thing about attitude..There will always be young beautiful girls out there and there is not a damn thing I can do about that as I get older and start aging.
My young hot body is starting to sag, boobs aren't as perky so if my man wants to trade me will kill me but nothing I can do...BUT he too is aging
(43) Don't stop believing! Love is wonderful! :cool:

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