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My problem is that a coworker keeps touching me (my forearm, my upper arm, my crossed arms, and my knee), and I want him to stop, but I'm too shy to tell him to stop. I could just interpret it as him being friendly, but I interpret it as more than that considering that he had asked me out a couple months ago to a movie, but I told him I have a boyfriend. Then he kind of acted weird for a couple weeks, but now it seems like he comes around to chat even more often than before, to the point that I don't want to talk to him that long or that often. He talks to me daily, and for like an hour at least on Fridays. Before when he talked to me once a week for like a half hour, I was okay with it. Only recently did he start touching me. Before he asked me out, he never touched me, and I even wondered if he was gay. I've tried having negative body language to get him to stop touching me, but he doesn't notice. I've never touched him back. It's almost like he either doesn't believe that I have a boyfriend, or that he rationalizes that it's okay to touch me since I have a boyfriend as if it could just be friendly touching. Even if I didn't have a boyfriend, I wouldn't be interested in him because he's considerably older than I am, and he gives more info about his health than I care to hear about. Plus he gossips alot, and whispers, and when I whisper back, he gets too close to me. I am very uncomfortable when people violate my personal space. Maybe I like more personal space than most people, but still. What can I do to get him to back off and stop touching me? The way my cubicle is, I am kind of trapped in there so I can't get away. I can't even use work as an excuse because lately no one has been assigning me any work.

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