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[QUOTE=sherrie]Okay, this does not make much sense... you guys have an "intimate" friendship in which you guys were planning for the future, but then you say that he wont talk to you unless you pretend you just want to be friends???? What... is there a timeline to all these occurances because it's hard for them to be occuring all at the same time?
If a guy cannot committ in 3 years, I don't think he ever will. Again I don't doubt he has feelings for you, but they are not enough for him to want to start a relationship with you, unless it's against his religion to have a girlfriend, or his family is against you and him being together... this should be the biggest clue for you to move on.[/QUOTE]
He tells me he's not ready for a serious relationship, and with me it would have to be because of our family connection...basically there is no messing around.
He finds it hard letting go of his past and everything in it.
He has issues that need to be dealt with, that i have helped him deal with.
I know its confusing for all of you to when you read my threads. I probably dont make much sense, but its hard to let go of something you've held onto for so many years. Something you had hope in, and the only thing in your life you were sure about.
I didnt know it could be this painful

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